Linda’s Lab, an innovation-friendly environment

Linda's lab, an innovation-friendly environment

To carry through your agile projects, LinDA has set up the Lab, an environment that is shaped to further innovation, collaborative work and synergies between different digital professionals. Here is a depiction of this inventive framework dedicated the search for innovative solutions.

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The increasing power of machines (phones, tablets, computers, objects…), communication networks’ exponential speed and big data disrupt not only companies’ world, but also civil society’s. Information, communication means and the access to abundant services have become available for a great many people. All of them can consume, collaborate or easily get involved in the global digital activity.

Simultaneously, organizations are transforming, turning into platforms which are every inch connected to their ecosystems: co-workers, customers, partners or suppliers. They face increasingly tough use and service requirements and are forced to innovate to stay competitive and attractive. Innovation needs get stronger and stronger, as the products and the companies’ lives cycles are shorter and more intensive.

Artificial intelligence, the IoT, VR and big data exploitation are no less than opportunities for companies and administrations to explore and adopt new and singular customs. Research work and prototype-making encompassed by innovation require, for a product owner, to be assisted by specialists in various fields: UX designer, data scientist or “full stack” software developer all have their own role in the process of conception and creation of a digital service.

At LinDA’s, we are aware that all those fields of expertise are rarely part of a same company. That is why LinDA has created the “Lab”, whose purpose is to further – open source – innovation projects owned by its customers and partners.

In concrete terms, the Lab is a sort of “War room” located right inside LINAGORA’s premises (quite close to Double Dragon 🙂 ), in which the product owner (i.e. the customer) leads his innovation project. He can get the assistance of one of LinDA’s digital architects for the whole length of the project and takes advantage of an expert’s know-how whom he can request to carry out his testing.

As an open source software developer, LINAGORA achieve numerous R&D projects in very varied fields. Thus, LinDA’s Lab makes it possible to count on about fifty innovation professionals: openlab (ideation) moderators, architects, specialists in Angular, Python or Nodejs, chatbot developers, cloud devops, API experts, IoT creators, etc. They will all get involved in projects as co-conception partners, prototypes makers and co-developers of your services.

Come to visit us during one of our meetups, contact us so that we get to know each other better and you talk with us about your innovations!

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