LinDA, the complete digital assistance service of LINAGORA

In summer 2017, LINAGORA pushes forward with its digital assistance offer by creating Linda. Linda – LINAGORA Digital Agency – arises from the merge of LinStudio and Neoma to create a complete digital transformation service: it will help companies and organizations elaborate a strategy, build the UX of a product or a service, develop the software and its design, measure its business performances, keep it up-to-date and adapt it to changing trends.

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The fields of expertise of LinDA’s consultants primarily include digital strategy at corporate scale, UX conception of products and services, software editing, interactive design, continuous improvment and follow-up of products’ business performance.

Before the creation of the new offer Linda, LinStudio was in charge of LINAGORA’s digital services offer. LinStudio took advantage of LINAGORA’s expertise and its experience as an open source software publisher to assist its customers in their digital transition. For years, LinStudio had been offering its service on a technophile segment: website development, intranets, collaborative tools, mobile applications, e-commerce platforms and E-CRM, hosting and IT outsourcing. Not only did LinStudio carry through numerous projects for big companies (Nestlé, McDonald’s, the French newspaper L’Humanité…), but it did it also for public utility (, the French region Île-de-France…).

On March 2016, LINAGORA is joined by NEOMA Interactive, a pioneering web developing and UX designing studio that was created in 2005 on a “user first” strategic position. This merger has enabled LinStudio to complete its field of expertise. The creation of Linda is the logical outcome of this merger and formalizes an integrated offer of complete digital services.

What kind of services are offered by Linda ?

The creation of Linda brings about a replenishment in digital assistance thanks to the vast range of services and competences it offers. For one thing, Linda capitalizes on LINAGORA’s great experience in technology to help you specify a digital strategy fitting the “platformization[1]” which has disrupted the whole economy since the emergence of digital technology. This particular first step of the process is called “open thinking”.

Along the “open product” phase, we then support you to implement the suggestions that were previously made by defining software products or digital services that would serve best your strategy.

Furthermore, Linda can thoroughly develop the digital product, from the interface creation to the code optimization: it is the “open factory”.

Finally, thanks to the “open run”, you are up to collaborate with Linda along the whole product’s life ; this would enable you to benefit from Linda’s know-how in digital communication, SEO, permanent improvement and community moderation.

Build the Open Digital

The full extent of Linda’s service makes it possible to offer consistent projects as it is Linda’s will to collaborate with you during the full length of projects.

In order to offer an efficient service that meets your expectations, agility is at the core of Linda’s methodology. Our goal is to be ready to adapt best to unexpected changes that frequently occur during digital projects. Our intention is to work with you in a collaborative way through betting on co-innovation and making new ideas real via co-construction. We endeavor to assist you in an iterative manner to take account of user feedbacks during the whole life of a project (or a product).

On account of its agile methods and its high level of expertise, Linda intends to assist you in a collaborative way to digitalize your processes and your services!

[1] Process by which companies turn into platforms, namely entities that output a great amount of data that they are likely to use, to sell or to share. This trend makes new business models emerge and creates some others.

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