EuroPython : CFFI, C library… LINAGORA was there!

First, let me introduce myself. I’m Jean Sebastien Bevilacqua, an Open Source Software fan and a Python developer. Thanks to LINAGORA, I spend all my time developing free softwares and it’s LINAGORA which encouraged me to participate to EuroPython. At LINAGORA, we share our knowledge and our experience.

LINAGORA is one of the the most innovative companies in the Open and Free Software world. The mission of LINAGORA is to enable large public and private organizations to develop their digital independence. LINAGORA is a key player in the digital sovereignty for its customers.

EuroPython is one of the largest Python conference in the world. This year, the conference took place at Rimini Conference Center in Italia. It’s a wonderful building that looks like an UFO.
The first keynote was presented by Armin Ronacher, a famous Python developer (author of Flask framework).

He talked about the future of Python and he proposed several improvements like detailed specification.

My talk was planned Wednesday 12 July, just after the amazing keynote of Katharine Jarmul about Ethic, I recommend you to watch it.

EuroPython CFFI Linagora Open Source

When your moment finally arrives, pressure is growing and let place to excitation. Hundred of people are listening to you, the show must go on!

My talk was about CFFI, a Python module to interface with C library. CFFI is created by the PyPy team which has brought much for our Python community. CFFI exceeds all other wrapping methods in quality and ease of use.
CFFI is becoming the new standard way to create Python wrapper.

Find the slides used during the presentation here :

Luckily, I met the two maintainers of CFFI before my presentation and they supported me a lot, they are humble and great people.

This conference was a great place to share and learn with interesting people, Python community embraces the open-source world.